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The navigators span over a number of conservation projects, from the Caravaggio paintings in the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi to Veronese´s refectory at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice. The Flash viewers allow you to move around the scanned surfaces and zoom into macro-level photographic data with a resolution of 400 dpi on a scale of 1:1. 

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Tomb of Tutankhamun,  Four walls (3D grayscale and 2D colour data), Luxor, Valley of the Kings
New Kingdom, XVIII dynasty, c. 1332-1323 B.C.
View here

Ennedi Mountains of Northern Chad
7000 - 4000 BC
Archei site, Riderless Horse, Archei B, Archei C, Archei D
Niloa Doa site, the French Panel, the Italian Panel, the West Panel
Elikeo site, Anthropomorphic Dancers, The Harpist
Guili Dweli site,  White Figures
Dili site, Dili Panel
Grande Reparo site, Grande Reparo Panel
Sakira Site, Sakira Panel

Nahr El Kalb Stelae, Lebanon
1276 BC - 2000 AD
View the Stele to Esarhaddon here
View the Stele to Rameses II here
View the Stele to Nebuchadnezzar here

The Cochno Stone, Scotland  
Bronze Age
View here

Chrysanthemums in a Green Vase, unknown Dutch painter
XIX Century
View here

Giovanni da Modena (Giovanni di Pietro Falloppi, 1379-1455), Living Cross (Croce Brachiale)
Fresco, c.1420
View here

Giovanni da Modena (Giovanni di Pietro Falloppi, 1379-1455), Verdant Cross, Mystery of the Fall and Redemption of Man
Fresco, c.1420
View here

Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, 1571 –1610) The Calling of St. Matthew (left), The Inspiration of St. Matthew (center) The Martyrdom of St. Matthew (right)
Oil on canvas, 1599–1602
View here

Veronese (Andrea Palladio in collaboration with Paolo Caliari (Veronese)), Cenacolo Palladiano, Refectory
Oil on canvas, Fondazione Giogio Cini (Venice), c. 1563.
View with tapestry here (360º)
View without tapestry here (360º)

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