Etching by Gianbattista Piranesi
Factum Arte, 2014

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Original Piranesi etching of the candelabrum and Factum Arte's rematerialization

Ángel Jorquera adding the details to the surface of the plaster cast from a clay model.

A plaster cast section of the candelabrum in the process of re-carving to add extra detail

A close up of the central section of the candlabrum in plaster before the final carving of the details



Preparing a mould of the candelabrum


[L] Ángel assembling the mould for the candelabrum

Assembling the parts of the full candelabrum

View of a detail of the candelabrum exhibited

The moulds of the candelabrum were also included in the exhibition

The candelabrum in exhibition

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