Rachid Koraïchi at Casa Arabe

On 20 March, Rachid Koraïchi's amazing show, entitled This Long Journey into Your Gaze, opened at Casa Árabe in Madrid. It is an exhibition that is a personal and intimate celebration of the way light animates different materials, making the complex shadows a vital part of the forms.

The exhibit has been moved from the Neo-Mudéjar building, located at the heart of Madrid, to Casa Árabe's exhibition space in Cordova where it will run until 27 Oct. Don't miss the artist's several series of bronze sculptures, corten artworks and alabaster tablets all produced at Factum's workshops.

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Furniture for Jasper Morrison
Furniture for Jasper Morrison

Factum Arte has produced a series of 25 furniture pieces designed by acclaimed English designer Jasper Morrison, all formed entirely out of recycled cork. The pieces are on show at Kasmin Gallery as part of 'Corks', Morrison's first solo show in North America (09 May - 29 June 2019).

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<i>Monument for Lost Time</i> at the Venice Biennale 2019
Monument for Lost Time at the Venice Biennale 2019

Factum Arte has collaborated for the first time with Danish-Palestinian artist Larissa Sansour on a monumental fibreglass sculpture to form part of 'Heirloom', a powerful reflection on the key themes of memory, history and identity that represents Denmark at the 58th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia 2019.

First, a cast was made using fibreglass and resin mixed with black powder in order to establish the deep black tone of the sculpture from the beginning; this was the first step in trying to capture the mattest possible black commercially available.

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Save the Whitechapel Bell Foundry
Save the Whitechapel Bell Foundry

We need your help!

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry was the oldest continuous manufacturing business in Great Britain until its closure in 2017, a history of traditional bell casting that stretched back almost 450 years to 1570, counting Big Ben and the Liberty Bell amongst its extraordinary legacy.

Sold to Raycliff Capital due to financial pressure in an industry on the decline in the modern age, the US property developers have submitted plans to turn the historic foundry into a ‘bell-themed boutique hotel’; a complete disregard for the rich heritage of one of the UK’s finest cultural and historical assets, and for its rightful function as a bell foundry. More details on this shameful proposal can be found here.

Our sister organisation Factum Foundation have partnered with the United Kingdom Historic Preservation Trust on a plan to re-open the foundry, re-equipped for the production of bells and art casting once again, which can be read in full here. You can help save the Whitechapel Bell Foundry by taking a moment to submit an objection to the boutique hotel proposal to the Tower Hamlets council. Information on how to do so can be found here.

The Archeological Landscapes of Yagul - tapestry series

In 2018, Factum Arte, developed and coordinated with Jan Hendrix the production of a series of tapestries depicting the mythological landscape of Yagul, in Southern Mexico. These tapestries are on display at the Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo (MUAC) in Mexico City from May 05 to Sept. 22 2019 and will become a touring exhibition in the following year.

Factum Arte was involved in all the steps of the process, from the creation of digital high resolution files and tonal adjusts based on the original drawings to textile artistic advice on the fibre composition and the finishing of the manufactured piece.

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Split Stone (7:34) by Sarah Sze
Split Stone (7:34) by Sarah Sze

Factum has collaborated with Sarah Sze on a two-part sculpture entitled ‘Split Stone (7:34)’, comprised of a natural boulder split in two like to a geode. The cut reveals a vivid image of the sky embedded into the surface of the stone.

By recording images in pixels and then fixing them in stone and pigment, Sze explores the fragility of time passing and our desire for weight and permanence in the face of both overwhelming natural forces and the ubiquitous images that surround us daily.

This work was installed at the National Roman Museum (Crypta Balbi) in Rome to coincide with Sze’s solo exhibition at the city's Gagosian Gallery (21/11/2018 - 27/01/2019) before being part of the 20 sculptures exhibited for the launch of Frieze Sculpture at Rockefeller Center, until June 28 2019.

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