Shirazeh Houshiary's 'The Oracle' (2018)
Shirazeh Houshiary's 'The Oracle' (2018)

'The Oracle' began life as a 3D model provided by Shirazeh Houshiary; this gave the basis of its materialisation as a metal structure, that after several tests, was perfected, sanded-down, and hand painted.

The result is two snaking slender forms that twist in between each other; the resulting mixture of curves and turns creates an apparent harmony between the starkly opposing colours.

This sculpture was shown as part of Lehmann Maupin’s solo presentation of Houshiary's work at the inaugaral Frieze Art Fair LA, which ran from 15th to 17th February 2019.

More information on the production process behind this piece coming soon.

The Reinvention of Forgetting
The Reinvention of Forgetting

In 2018, photographer Maria Trabulo won the NOVO BANCO Revelacão Award which resulted in an exhibition entitled The Reinvention of Forgetting (November 30 2018 - January 29 2019) at the Fundação Serralves, Portugal.
This showcased her latest work made in conjunction with the Bode Museum, Berlin and inspired by Factum Arte and Factum Foundation's workshop.
For this occasion, a selection of large-scale prints of noisy 3D data were produced at the studio as well as a grayscale sculpture where the image is reproduced as a ghostly form, a double-sided piece consisting of a small torso, one positive and one negative.

Click here to know more about this project.

Split Stone (7:34) by Sarah Sze
Split Stone (7:34) by Sarah Sze

Factum has collaborated with Sarah Sze on a two-part sculpture entitled ‘Split Stone (7:34)’, comprised of a natural boulder split in two like to a geode. The cut reveals a vivid image of the sky embedded into the surface of the stone.

By recording images in pixels and then fixing them in stone and pigment, Sze explores the fragility of time passing and our desire for weight and permanence in the face of both overwhelming natural forces and the ubiquitous images that surround us daily.

This work was installed at the National Roman Museum (Crypta Balbi) in Rome to coincide with Sze’s solo exhibition at the city's Gagosian Gallery (21st November 2018 - 27th January 2019).

Learn more here.
Image © Matteo D'Eletto, M3 Studio

Caravaggio's 'Nativity'
Caravaggio's 'Nativity'

In 2015, a re-creation created by the foundation's sister company Factum Arte of the renowned stolen work by the Italian master Caravaggio was unveiled in its original location at the Oratory of San Lorenzo in Palermo as part of the chapel's restoration.

The modern history and potential future of the lost piece is detailed in a new article from The Guardian featuring the re-creation and our director Adam Lowe that can be found here, whilst further information on Factum Arte's facsimile can be found here.

Adam Fuss at Factum Arte

Adam Fuss is a British-born artist characterized by a camera-less technique in his photographic work, often reducing the medium to its bare essentials of an object, light, and light-sensitive material. Alongside these photograms, much of the artists work encompasses photographic printmaking; a practice that brought Fuss to Factum and our specialist printers. This artist profile explores the exciting results of this collaboration, as well as his values as both an artist and photographer.

Paolina Borghese at the V&A's Cast Courts
Paolina Borghese at the V&A's Cast Courts

Three statues created by Factum Arte, resulting from the recording of Antonio Canova's 'Paolina Borghese as Venus Victrix' in 2013, have been officially unveiled at the reopening of the V&A Museum's famed Cast Courts, which took place on December 1st 2018. Whilst the bright white edition is a 3D stereolithographic printed resin painted white, the other two versions were both cast glass and plaster using moulds produced directly from a 3D print.

Read more about the facsimiles here.

Paula Crown at Factum Arte's workshop

Paula Crown is a multimedia artist interested in exploring the limits and possibilities of cutting-edge technologies and traditional media. Last summer, Paula Crown was in residency at Factum Arte's workshop in Madrid, experimenting with materials, pigments and giving form to new ideas.

Learn more about Paula Crown's work with Factum here.

Ahmad Angawi at the British Museum
Ahmad Angawi at the British Museum

For his first collaboration with Factum Arte, Ahmad Angawi decided to realize a series of Mangour Screens, now exhibited permanently at the British Museum as part of the new Albukhary Foundation Gallery of the Islamic World, launched in October 2018.

These Mangour Screens reflect the great connection existing between digital and traditional craftsmanship and celebrate the ancient Islamic principles and rich cultural diversity Angawi was inspired by.

Click here to learn more.

© Image Courtesy of Ahmad Angawi

Boris Savelev's Chernowitz portfolio

Using the specialist flat-bed printer available in our Madrid workshop, much of Savelev’s modern work is printed on gesso-coated aluminium; a material that complements the deep shadows present in his work as well as the multiple tonal layers involved in their production, with the photographer personally involved in every print himself.

Click here to see the complete portfolio.

Gharem’s Hemisphere, on view at Sharjah Art Museum in Sharjah
Gharem’s Hemisphere, on view at Sharjah Art Museum in Sharjah

Completed with Factum Arte in March 2017 and originally exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2017, Abdulnasser Gharem’s Hemisphere sculpture will now be shown in the Sharjah Art Museum, in collaboration with the Galerie Brigitte Schenk. The exhibition ‘Subversive Forms of “Social Sculpture”: Heimo Zobernig and Abdulnasser Gharem’ will run until November 2018.

Learn more on Hemisphere.

Learn more on the exhibition.

Set design for the opera <i>The Magic Flute</i>
Set design for the opera The Magic Flute

Michael Hansmeyer has collaborated with Factum Arte to create the set design of Romeo Castellucci’s The Magic Flute / Die Zauberflöte, presented this week at the Théâtre Royal de La Monnaie de Munt in Brussels.

Hansmeyer's piece is a significant example of computational architecture, showing the conversion of a geometry model into a monumental physical object. This new project testifies to the atmosphere of Factum Arte's workshop, that of a playground with a plurality of artistic possibilities, and embodies our obsessive commitment to pushing the boundaries that usually separate technology and craft skills. Learn more.

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