The expressive possibilities of textiles are endless. The medium offers a rich field for experimenting with materials, fabrics, colors that form movement, textures, and depth.

Factum Arte works with artists to push the boundaries of this versatile medium by researching new formats, fabrics and fibers. Our team of textile designers and conservators apply their knowledge in art, technology and craftsmanship to mediate the transformation from image to three-dimensional textile. It's a mediation process, whereby a series of trial proofs become a conversation to achieve the colours, depth and texture envisioned by the artist.

Our textile experts convene at the beginning of each project a team that might include Flanders Tapestries, Marcos Ludeña but also digital modelers, digital printers, color experts and craftsmen specializing in gilding and modeling. In the past years, we have printed silks, produced facsimiles for conservation and collaborated with artists interested in the digital Jacquard loom or embroidery.

Jacquard Loom


Digital Textile Printing

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