Factum Arte consists of a team of artists, technicians and conservators dedicated to digital mediation and to the production of facsimiles as part of a coherent approach to repatriation and non-contact preservation. Bespoke equipment, software and technologies have been designed by Factum Arte to obtain optimum recording results.

Factum Arte’s non-contact methodologies and high resolution facsimiles have had a huge impact on the world of conservation. They have altered not only how facsimiles are considered by the museums and experienced by the public, but they are also helping to establish guidelines for conservation and documentation procedures.

Over the past few years Factum Arte has worked with The Musée du Louvre, The British Museum,The Pergamon, Museo del Prado and Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid, the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, the Supreme Council of Antiquities as well as many other museums and institutions in Europe, North Africa and North America.

The work produced is the result of in-depth study informed by the assumption that originality is not a fixed state but rather a process, which changes and deepens with time. The importance of a work of art is revealed by its ability to reflect the changing ideas and values that condition its appearance to the way we see it. – Adam Lowe

The Theban Necropolis preservation initiative

Luxor, 2016

Facsimile of the Teschen Table

Madrid, 2016

Recording the Mosque

Kala-Koreysh, Daghestan, 2016

Recording, digital restoration and textile facsimile of a Verdure tapestry
for Museo Cerralbo

Madrid, 2015-2016

Facsimile of the painting Sir Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford, and Lady Walpole by John Giles Eccardt

Yale University, 2015-2016

Digitization of the Borsano Map of Catalonia

Madrid, 2015-2016

Scanning Raphael drawings at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Oxford-Madrid, 2015-2016

The Cochno Stone Project

Scotland, 2015

Scanning Leonardo's Last Supper

Milan, 2014-2015

Lebanon: Nahr El Kalb Project
High resolution photogrammetry

Lebanon, 2015

Facsimile of the painting The Family of Henry VII
with St George and the Dragon

London, 2015

Video installation for
the exhibition Giovanni da Modena. Un pittore all'ombra di San Petronio

Bologna, 2015

Scanning the Gough Map at the Bodleian Library, Oxford

Oxford, 2015

Scanning a painting by Bellini at The National Gallery London

London, 2014

Lucida 3D scanner tests at The Courtauld Institute of Art

London, 2014

Rebuilding the Heraclitus Vessel

Roses, 2014

Polittico Griffoni

Various sites, 2012-2015

Facsimile of a putto representing Prince George

Madrid, 2013

Hereford Mappa Mundi

Recorded in Hereford Cathedral, 2013-2016

Scanning Canova's
Pauline Bonaparte

Galleria Borghese Roma, 2013

Facsimile of the Meteorite of Berlanguillas

Madrid, 2013

Work on the Facsimile of Tutankhamun

Madrid, 2009-2014

Recorded in Luxor, Valley of the Kings

The Romanesque cloisters in the Cathedral of Tudela

Tudela, 2012

Recorded in Tudela, Navarra

Digital Restoration of the Map of Bologna

Vatican City, 2012

In collaboration with University Alma Mater Studiorum di Bologna

The Church of San Petronio

Bologna, 2011-2015

City of Bologna

Facsimile of Sala Bologna

Vatican City, 2011

Comission by Vatican City

The Art of Piranesi

Venice, 2010

In collaboration with Fondazione Giorgio Cini

The Caravaggio Research Centre

Caravaggio, 2010

In collaboration with Fondazione Giorgio Cini

Facsimile of Gómez de la Serna

Madrid, 2011

Comission by MNCARS Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

Borges Labyrinth

Venice, 2011

In collaboration with Fondazione Giorgio Cini

John Stevens Henslow's charts

Cambridge, 2011

In collaboration with Whipple Museum of the History of Science

Facsimile of a section of the burial chamber from the tomb of SETI I

Madrid, 2003

Recorded in Luxor, Valley of the Kings

Facsimile of the Tomb of Thutmose III

Madrid, 2004

National Gallery of Art in Washington and other venues in USA & Europe

A facsimile of a Balanza califal (Califal scale)

Madrid, 2011

Commission by The Conjunto Arqueológico Madinat al-Zahra

Facsimile of Schwittershytta

Madrid, 2009-2011

Romsdal Museum and Littoral Arts

A facsimile of Princess Wallada's Box

Madrid, 2010

Commission by The Conjunto Arqueológico Madinat al-Zahra

3D and colour recording of Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael

Milan, 2008

Commission by Change Performing Arts

Peter Greenaway on Leonardo's Last Supper

Madrid, 2008

Commission by Change Performing Arts

Facsimile of La defensa de Zaragoza

Madrid, 2007

Commission by City of Priego

A facsimile of the Wedding at Cana by Paolo Veronese

Madrid, 2006

Commission by Fondazione Giorgio Cini. Recorded in Museé du Louvre

The Reconstruction of the Eastern End of the Throne room of Ashurnasirpal II

Madrid, 2006

The British Museum, Pergamon Museum, Princeton Art Museum, Harvard Scakler Art Museum and Dresden Museum

A facsimile of the Taj Mahal

Madrid, 2006

Commission by Museo Tiflológico

A facsimile in bronze of 'Seneca and Nero'

Madrid, 2006

Commission by City of Córdoba and Museo del Prado

Persian Photographs 1912 - 1914

Madrid, 2006

Iran Heritage Foundation

Golden lion from Matteo de Bonarelli.

Madrid, 2005

Museo del Prado

Facsimile of Bodas de Camacho by Jose M. Sert

Vic, 2005

Recorded in Vic for Fundación Santander Central Hispano

'Los Caprichos' Francisco de Goya

Madrid, 2005

Commission by Calcografía Nacional

Facsimile of the Dama De Elche

Madrid, 2004

Commission by Museo Arqueológico Nacional and MARQ

Digitalisation of Beato Emilianense BNVIT14.1

Madrid, 2005

Recorded in Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid for RED.ES

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