The Theban Necropolis Preservation Initiative

The Factum Foundation for Digital Technology in Conservation, in collaboration with the University of Basel under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, are currently embarking on the next phase of the work to create a long-term, self-financing model for heritage preservation in the Valley of the Kings.

The initiative focuses on sustainability and knowledge transfer and is dependent both on specifically developed technologies and human skills. It began in March 2016 with the recording of the vast and fundamentally important tomb of Seti I, which has been closed to the general public since the late 1980’s, the recording of the sarcophagus of Seti I and the development of a new training centre for digital technology in conservation.

Read here the TNPI booklet on work completed in 2016

The Theban Necropolis Preservation Initiative Summary

Luxor, 2016

Recording the Tomb of Seti I

Luxor, 2016

Recording & rematerialising the Sarcophagus of Seti I and all the the tomb's scattered elements

Various locations, 2016

Restoration of Stoppelaere House

Luxor, 2016

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