Factum Arte Projects

Factum Arte's research interests and technologies intercept different practices and institutions. These rich encounters have led to numerous collaborations with leading figures from fields ranging from philosophy to architecture and cinema.

The projects presented in this section demonstrate the breadth of issues and techniques that have come to characterized Factum Arte's work. The work of facsimiles and recording took a life of its own and has led us to create in 2009 the Factum Foundation for Digital Technology in Conservation.

2018 Mystery of the Lost Paintings
2017 A Crucifix for the Mejorada del Campo Cathedral
2016 Cluny Christ
2016 Marina Abramović's award to Norman Foster
2016 A Sky for Santa Isabel
2015 The Autogrill Olive Tree
2014 Rebuilding the Heraclitus Vessel
2014 Terra Forming: Engineering the Sublime
2011 Borges Labyrinth
2010 Piranesi's Objects
2008 Peter Greenaway on Leonardo's Last Supper

2018 Masterpiece and Masterpiece Presents, London
2018 Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth at the Bodleian Library, Oxford
2017 Cartografías de lo Desconocido at the BNE, Madrid
2016 A World of Fragile Parts at the Venice Biennale, Venice
2016 The Veronica Scanner at the Royal Academy of Arts, London
2014 Terra Forming at the Fondazione Cini, Venice
2014 Piranesi, Fantasy and Excess at the Sir John Soane's Museum, London
2012 Las Artes de Piranesi at the Caixa Forum, Madrid
2011 Penelope's Labour at the Fondazione Cini, Venice
2010 The Arts of Piranesi at the Fondazione Cini, Venice
2008 Editing Originality at the Betty Guereta Gallery, Madrid
2006 In Pharaos Grab at the Antikenmuseum, Basel
2005 Immortal Pharaoh at the City Art Center, Edinburgh
2004 Las Horas Oscuras del Sol at the Museo Arqueológico Nacional, Madrid

2016 Facsimile of the Teschen Table
2016 The Bronze Oak Project
2016 The Barberini Harp
2013 Canova's Pauline Bonaparte
2011 John Stevens Henslow's Charts
2011 Facsimile of Gómez de la Serna
2011 Facsimile of a Balanza Califal
2010 Facsimile of Princess Wallada´s Box
2009-2011 Facsimile of Schwittershytta
2008 Recording of the Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael
2007 Facsimile of La Defensa de Zaragoza
2006 Facsimile of Veronese's Wedding at Cana
2006 Reconstruction of the Eastern End of the Throne Room of Ashurnasirpal II
2006 Facsimile of the Taj Mahal
2006 Persian Photographs 1912 - 1914
2006 Facsimile of Seneca and Nero
2005 Matteo de Bonarelli's Golden Lion
2005 Facsimile of Josep Sert Bodas de Camacho
2005 'Los Caprichos' Francisco de Goya
2005 Digitalisation of Beato Emilianese
2004 Facsimile of the Tomb of Thutmose III
2004 Facsimile of the Dama de Elche

Special Projects & Collaborations


Digitization & Facsimiles

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