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Factum Arte's profile, by Patek Philippe

"The idea really is something like the old renaissance workshops where people with many different skills, work to pursue a common goal." This is how Adam Lowe, founder and director of Factum Arte and Factum Foundation, presents his vision in an interview for Patek Philippe.

To know more about the articulation of this unique place where artists, technicians and artisans join their passions and experiment with cutting-edge technologies, like art students in a playground, you can watch this video and read the corresponding article published by Patek Philippe Magazine.

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The Regeneration of Seti I

Inside the Middle East, a programme broadcasted by CNN, interviewed Adam Lowe and Aliaa Ismail about the importance of using non-contact technologies to record in the Valley of the Kings and the significance of the facsimiles of the tomb of Seti I presented as part of the exhibition Scanning Seti: The Regeneration of a Pharaonic Tomb at the Antikenmuseum in Basel.

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Recreating ancient Egyptian tombs

CNN International reviews the exhibition ¨Scanning Seti: The Regeneration of a Pharaonic Tomb.¨ See the video interview in Arabic.

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Scanning Seti I: The regeneration of a Pharaonic Tomb

Spanish newspaper El País visited the exhibition ´Scanning Seti: the Regeneration of a Pharaonic Tomb´ at the Antikenmuseum Basel. In this interview, curators Adam Lowe and André Wiese explain how facsimiles and technology can both increase the access to and protect the original tomb.

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Technology to re-create lost art

Video published by the Gazzetta di Modena in Italian focusing on the research, production and recreation of a burnt Monet.

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True copies, a PBS report

A new piece on the work we carry-out at Factum Arte & Factum Foundation has been released on PBS Newshour.

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Creating Perfect Replicas of Classic Art

The Great Big Story visited our studio in Madrid to learn more about the work of the Factum Arte and the Factum Foundation.

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BBC WORLD NEWS reports the Veronica Scanner exhibition at the RA in London

A continuous thread in the story of visual art, from ancient Greek mythology to the rise of photography in the 19th century, is the desire to represent a subject’s true form. As part of this story, Factum Arte’s own Veronica Scanner, which uses photogrammetry to record highly objective portraits, was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

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The BBC reports the unearthing of the Cochno Stone

The BBC reports the unearthing of the Cochno Stone in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, a remarkable project to dig up, 3D Scan and rebury the stone, known for its cup and ring markings which is thought to date back to 3000-2000 BC.

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The Veronica Scanner: Live 3D Portraiture

Throughout October half-term, Waddesdon Manor presented an exhibition and live experiment in 3D portraiture showcasing a bespoke scanner, the latest photogrammetry techniques, digital 3D modelling, robot carving and 3D printing technologies that Factum Arte develops.

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'Spanish experts record the tomb of Seti I in Egypt'

Interview with Gabriel Scarpa from Factum Arte on the digitization project of the tomb of Seti I in the Valley of the Kings.

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The Mystery of King Tut's tomb

CNN's report on the possibility of the presence of two chambers beyond the North and West walls in King Tutankhamun's tomb, featuring Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves.

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Factum Arte and the hidden chamber in Tut's tomb
on Noticias 4

Miguel Angel Oliver from Noticias 4 interviews Pedro Miró from Factum Arte about the possibility of the presence of two empty spaces, or cavities, beyond the decorated North and West walls of the Burial Chamber in King Tutankhamun's tomb as Nicholas Reeves hypotheses.

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Quayola interviewed by DW TV in Factum Arte's studio

Italian artist Davide Quayola has been interviewed by the german television Deutsche Welle in Factum Arte's studio. He talks about his new works realized in collaboration with Factum Arte. Quayola uses classic masterpieces from art history as his raw material. He scans them, takes them apart digitally, and puts them back together to come up with something entirely new.

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BBC News: Inside replica Tutankhamun tomb near Valley of the Kings

The BBC Travel Show's Rajan Datar has been inside the replica of Tutankhamun's tomb.

Watch here the video about the installation of the facsimile in the Valley of the Kings who has been unveiled on 30th April 2014.

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BBC Radio 4 'Wow How Did They Do?' interviews Adam Lowe

Episode 1 "Using technology to save cultural heritage". Roger Law meets Adam Lowe - the man who can recreate any object in perfect detail. His company Factum Arte has reproduced great works of art, such as Veronese's The Marriage at Cana which was taken by Napoleon's troops from Venice and now hangs in the Louvre. Adam created an exact replica which is now displayed in the original setting in the Palladian refectory in Venice. The next challenge was even more ambitious - a life size reproduction of Tutankamun' tomb. Roger Law travels to Madrid to discover the secrets behind these extraordinary creations.

View programme How did they do that?

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DW interviews Adam Lowe

German tv interviews Adam Lowe and his particular view on Madrid.
Justo Cathedral, Teresa Solar exhibition, Abdul Vas opening, and more.

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Michael Hoppen on Boris Savelev

A series of interviews by Michael Kurcfeld during Paris Photo 2012, including one of Michael Hoppen on the qualities of Savelev's technique.

The exhibition Colour Constructions can be seen in Michael Hoppen Gallery London from 2nd December 2011 to 21st January 2012. In this interview Michael Hoppen talks about Boris Savelev's unique approach to photography - 'Boris doesnt take photographs- he makes them.

Go to artist page
Go to Michael Hoppen Gallery

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